Episode 12: The Most Valuable Thing I Can Teach My Kid Is How to Be Lazy

Rabbi Elliot Kukla writes about the importance of taking time to rest in his essay which was first published in the New York Times.  With an ear to the pulse of a nation exhausted from natural disasters, mass shootings and the pandemic, Kukla prescribes a remedy of laziness and relaxation to heal our deepest wounds. As a physically disabled person, Kukla has had no choice but to allow his body to rest. As a result, he has reaped the rewards of slowing down, of taking time to lay in the grass and look at the clouds. 
Tavi and Christine discuss their own relationships with work and relaxation, digging into our culture’s addiction to results-oriented goal-setting. Come take a listen. Slow down. Take a moment with The Personal Element.

Music for this episode by Cool Fever Ketsa